Quality Service

Remember when your pharmacist treated you like a person and not a number? We never forgot. Get the personalized service the big box stores cannot offer at your local pharmacy, Potter Drug.


Located in Petersburg, Potter Drug is a short trip from anywhere in the Menard county area. Pick up or drop off your prescription and check off your shopping list all at Potter Drug.

In addition, we try to find the lowest prescription prices, when possible, for our community. We will work with your insurance plans and physicians to find lower priced generic drugs whenever possible to keep your medications affordable.


When you shop local, you’re investing in the community. Potter Drug has been serving Petersburg for decades, and continues to give back to our wonderful home.

Meet our Pharmacist

Tim Gleason, Pharm. D. RPh, is the owner and pharmacist of Potter Drug in Petersburg, IL since 2015. Tim received his doctorate of pharmacy from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy (2011). Tim is involved in the implementation of clinical activities including immunizations and medication therapy management.

Tim is currently practicing to help provide patients with simpler medication therapy options and working with doctors to optimize their current therapy. Tim is an active member of Illinois Pharmacist Association (IPhA) and National Community Pharmacists Association.

Potter Drug Network Pharmacy List

Medicare Part D List
  • Wellcare Value Script (PDP)
  • Wellcare Classic (PDP)
  • Wellcare Medicare Rx Value Plus (PDP)
  • Blue Cross MedicareRx Choice (PDP)
  • Blue Cross MedicareRx Value (PDP)
  • Blue Cross MedicareRx Basic (PDP)
  • SilverScript Choice (PDP)
  • SilverScript Plus (PDP)
  • Humana Walmart Value Rx Plan (PDP)
  • Humana Basic Rx Plan (PDP)
  • Mutual of Omaha Rx Essential (PDP)
  • Mutual of Omaha Rx Plus (PDP)
  • Mutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP)
  • Cigna Saver Rx (PDP)
  • Cigna Secure Rx (PDP)
  • Cigna Extra Rx (PDP)
  • AARP Medicare Rx Walgreens from UHC (PDP)
  • AARP Medicare Rx Basic from UHC (PDP)
  • AARP Medicare Rx Preferred from UHC (PDP)
  • Clear Spring Health Value Rx (PDP)
Medicare Advantage Plan List
  • AARP Medicare Advantage from UHC IA-0002 (HMO-POS)
  • AARP Medicare Advantage Walgreens from UHC IL-0006 (PPO)
  • AARP Medicare Advantage from UHC IL-0003 (PPO)
  • Aetna Medicare Value (PPO)
  • Aetna Medicare Premier (PPO)
  • Aetna Medicare Discover Value Plus (PPO)
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Health Choice (PPO)
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Saver Plus (PPO)
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Dental Premier (PPO)
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Flex (PPO)
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Essential (PPO)
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Basic (HMO)
  • Health Alliance Medicare POS Choice Rx (HMO-POS)
  • Health Alliance Medicare POS Basic Rx (HMO-POS)
  • Health Alliance Medicare POS 10 Rx (HMO-POS)
  • Health Alliance Medicare HMO 20 Rx (HMO)
  • HumanaChoice H5216-215 (PPO)
  • HumanaChoice H5216-399 (PPO)
  • HumanaChoice R5361-002 (Regional PPO)
  • HumanaChoice H5216-013 (PPO)
  • Wellcare No Premium Essential (HMO)
  • Wellcare No Premium Essential Value (HMO)
  • Wellcare No Premium Open (PPO)
  • Wellcare Giveback Open (PPO)
  • Cigna True Choice Medicare (PPO)
  • Cigna True Choice Savings Medicare (PPO)
  • Molina Medicare Choice Care (HMO)
llinois Medicaid
(we accept all Illinois Medicaid
  • Aetna Better Health of Illinois
  • Blue Cross Community Health Plan
  • Meridian Health Plan
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Traditional Medicaid (white paper with RIN number)
Illinois State Retired Employees
  • Total Retiree Advantage Illinois (TRAIL MAPD) Program
  • Teacher’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP)
Illinois State Employees
  • Aetna HMO, OAP, PPO & CDHP
  • Blue Advantage HMO
  • Blue Cross OAP
  • Health Alliance
  • HealthLink OAP
  • HMO Illinois
  • Cigna (SPS 186)
Employee Sponsored Insurance / Private
  • Aetna/CVS/caremark
  • Express scripts
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare / Optum
  • Humana
  • Capital Rx
  • Citizens Rx
  • Elixir (MedTrak)
  • Magellan Health Services
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield / Prime Therapeutics
  • Sav-Rx
  • ServU